Portable Fire Extinguishers

Staying compliant with current fire codes and regulations, your extinguishers require regular inspection, testing, and maintenance.   Quali-Fire provides a variety of fire extinguishers and extinguisher services. From installing the proper extinguishers in a new or retrofitted facility, to inspection, training, and maintenance on your facilities existing fire extinguisher, Quali-Fire has you covered.  Call us today to learn how our services will benefit you and your facility.

Extinguisher Training

Having the potential to stop an incipient stage fire before it spreads can be instrumental in reducing damaged caused by fire. Portable fire extinguishers are the first line of defense in your facility. We often find that employees are uninformed and lack the confidence to properly use a portable fire extinguisher. Our hands-on training program will ensure that your employees are informed, confident, and comfortable to react quickly and safely if an emergent situation were to arise.

Emergency lights & exit signs

Emergency and Exit Lights are critical life safety devices found in nearly every commercial facility. These devices are often overlooked and under-maintained. Emergency and Exit Lights are essential to keep the occupants of your building safe and free from harm during a power outage or emergency evacuation. Power outages are inevitable, and the dark imposes a greater risk of injury due to trips, falls, and other hazards resulting from minimal visibility.   When the power goes down, will your lighting work to aid in the evacuation of your facility? Emergency and Exit Lighting plays an essential part in your safety and keeping you safe is our main priority. Quai-Fire’s extensive Emergency and Exit Light inspection and repair program will provide you with peace of mind that your devices are in proper working order.

fire sprinkler systems

There are many different types of fire sprinkler systems for different applications. Making sure that your Fire Sprinkler System is in proper working order is a key factor in protecting your business. Your sprinkler system is designed to slow or suppress the spread of fire until help can arrive. Slowing the spread of fire will exponentially decrease the amount of damage to your property. With Quali-Fire’s extensive Fire Sprinkler Inspection and Service Program, we will ensure that your system is functioning properly when called to action. See below for a list of systems and applications where they are commonly found.

Common Fire Sprinkler Systems Serviced

Wet Sprinkler Systems Common office buildings, manufacturing plants that are heated                             

Dry Sprinkler Systems – Has air in pipes protecting applications prone to freezing conditions. Non-heated warehouses, nursing homes with attics, hotels with porticos, etc

Pre-Action Sprinkler Systems – Special Applications     

Deluge Sprinkler Systems- Theaters covering curtain (creating a water curtain), power plants

Foam Sprinkler System - Chemical Plants, Airport Hangars                           

Fire Pumps - Larger facilities with any of these systems. Prime examples are high rises, manufacturing plants etc.. Used to supplement the city water pressure ensuring proper water pressure to all areas of the facility

Private Fire Hydrants – Could be found on the facility with any of these types of systems.

fire alarm systems

Fire alarm systems are commonly used to detect and provide notification that a fire condition exists. Because they provide early detection, fire alarms can not only save you, but your business as well. Nearly half of businesses that experience a fire never reopen due to damage and downtime. Detection devices, such as heat and smoke detectors, send the system into alarm which provides an audible and/or visual notification for individuals to evacuate the building.
Incorporate your alarm system with Quali-Fire’s alarm detection system and monitoring for rapid response times to fire conditions.
Our factory Trained and State Certified Technicians hold the knowledge and skills to install the best system for your facility. We provide inspections and services on an extensive range of fire alarm systems and manufacturers.

fire alarm monitoring

When your business is protected 24/7 with our central station monitoring, you can lock the doors and go home at night with the peace of mind that someone is always watching and ready to call the police or fire department in the event of an emergent situation. With our value added services we can tailor a monthly monitoring plan that caters to your needs.
Every business is unique and has individualized needs. Let our professionals help you develop a monitoring system that is customized to the specific needs of your business.
Our UL listed and CSAA 5 Diamond central station provides 24/7/365 monitoring services. We can completely customize how you want us to respond to your system signals. Please contact us to discuss your monitoring needs.